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1/35th MH-47E Conversion Online Build




Before I even begin I’d like to personally thank some people who have helped make this project happen.  First off and certainly the biggest reason for this conversion is the outstanding work of Andriy Bass from Storm Miniatures. 

Most of the work that you see here is his.  Without him and his dedication this set would not have come to fruitition.

Then there is Norbert who did some CAD work that helped out immeasurably. 

There are some people who are behind the scenes that either helped with casting and with information.  You know who you are.  Thanks for your expertise in casting. 

Thanks to the guys who provided information and for your service.  This set is dedicated to you and your fellow Night Stalkers.

It is time to start building the Werner’s Wings/Storm Miniatures 1/35th MH-47E Conversion for the Trumpeter CH-47D.

  Many have asked if they can use the CH-47A, unfortunately no you can’t, the rear pylon is totally different.


Here is a picture of the Werner’s Wings/Storm Miniatures Conversion set


Here is the list of what I have so far for the build.
Trumpeter 1/35th scale CH-47D
Werner’s Wings/Storm Miniatures MH-47E Super Conversion
Eduard CH-47D Cargo Seats
Cobra Company Aft Pylon Upgrade
Cobra Company CH-47D Upgrade 
Legends M-134 and Master Barrels Turned metal barrels.  I have listed these two until Live Resin releases their remarkable sets for this conversion. 
Aluminum tubing ¼” by 19” long.  I used K&S but any aluminum tubing will work.  It MUST be aluminum. 


There will be some scratch building that the modeler will have to do but we’ve tried to keep that to an absolute minimum. 

Obviously any conversion of this magnitude is only recommended for experienced modelers.

Before I began I looked over the photos and there are some things that can be done prior to even receiving the conversion set. 

Things in red need to be removed by cutting and sanding.  Items in black are either a place for a conversion part or are panels that need to be added by rescribing. 

All of these things are easier to do now while the parts are separate.


Step 1


Starting on the left side.  The forward fuselage requires removal of a few antenna mounts.



Mid to aft fuselage.  The big thing here is the removal of the bumps for the ‘clothesline’ HF antenna mounts.  The MH-47 has a smaller antenna.



Left side Aft Pylon.
This requires some rescribing on the panel lines.  The grill needs to be filled.  There are also a bunch of parts that will eventually go on back here. 

This area will be built up shortly so you can see what gets added and what gets filled.

An item that may or may not be there on your particular model is the enlarged rear windows.  I’m going to add them to both sides so you can see how it is done. 

I have pictures that show bulged round windows on both side, some with just a single window on the right side, and finally both sides with the enlarged windows. 

So either check your references or go with what you are comfortable with.  Personally the ‘norm’ appears to be both enlarged.


Now onto the Right side

The forward fuselage, including the door.  There are just a few panels that will need to be removed and some added.  A grab handle will have to be added to one spot.



Here is a close up of where the mounts for the hoist belong.


Same goes for this enlarged window



Then there is the upper pylon.  Same as before this will be developed as we get involved in the conversion




Step 2



I decided to work on the aft pylon which would require some work

The first thing I did was to fill the holes on select panels which are unique to the MH-47. 
Then using a beading tool, (http://www.fdjtool.com/ProductInfo/53.2E_160.aspx) which is significantly cheaper than
other ‘rivetting tools’, to replicate the fasteners on the panels.  This was followed up by some scribing access panels around the pylon
and using a needle to create the screw heads.  I think I could have used some Archer rivets if I chose to do so.  I like the effect as it is.

Pylon Parts added


I filled the holes for the HF antenna that is different on this aircraft with superglue and accelerator
once the proud part of the antenna mount was removed.

Then the first parts of the conversion were added to the pylon, the AVR-2, APR-39, CMWS antennas and the lifting point. 
Fit of these parts is simple as they are just added to the surface with superglue. 

The square aft window, which is much larger on the MH-47 than a normal CH-47, had to be created.  The first thing
I did was to chain drill the area that I had measured out.  Just for those who are anal retentive, the window is 42 inches long and 27.75 inches
high in real life according to my measurements.  Your mileage may vary.  The window sits slightly lower than the round window. 
Once the chain drilling was done the part was cut out with nippers.  Clean up starts with a BAF (Big A** File).
  This keeps the surface flat.  I was able to use it on all sides but it made the corners square which was not what I was after. 
I then mixed up some Apoxy Sculpt and smushed it in the corners.  A knife blade holder was moistened slightly and
pressed into the corner.  This has the effect of rounding off the corner and making sure that all four corners are the same.
  A sharp knife blade was used to trim away any excess Apoxy Sculpt.  This was then left to dry overnight. 
A couple of swipes with a fine sanding stick will blend the corners once dry. 

Chain Drilled Window


Cleaned Up Window


Finished Left Side Pylon


On the inside of the fuselage, some Apoxy Sculpt was used to fill the remains of the window. 
Then a saw was used to finish off the insolation blanket pattern on the wall.

That is all of this side.  I’ll start to work on the right side now.


Step 3



Finished up the right side.  It is exactly the same as the left side.  No big suprises except I sanded away too much
of the base for the lifting point.  I had to replace that with some styrene.  Not a big deal and totally my fault.

Again here is how the rear widows were chain drilled out. 


The right side in the middle of being modified


How I scribe some of the panels. Dymo tape is your friend.


The modified left front door.  Note the small spot where the HF antenna mount was removed. 
That was done on a couple of other points on the model as well.


Cutting off the upper pylon looked daunting but it was actually very easy.  I used a Tiger saw blade and cut the rear portion flush. 
Then I used a scribing tool to scribe the attachment point to the top of the fuselage.  Make sure the cut is on the
doghouse and not the fuselage.  This was deepened until I thought it was sufficient and then the saw was used to remove the remainder. 
Simple.  This hasn’t even been sanded flush.

The completed fuselage left side.  It is starting to look like a beast.


Now to finish up the right side and start working inside the cockpit area.



Step 4



The right front fuselage is the focus of this update.

Sorry it is blurry but these panels were added as well as the grab handle.


The doghouse was removed the same way as the other one, with a Tiger Saw that I picked up from UMM Models.

Close up of the hoist mounts.  These will be the most challenging part of the conversion, I think.


Exterior Right side fuselage prepped for the rest of the build.

A motivational photo to see how the upper pylon would fit.  It is held in place with a couple of strips of
styrene to support it from the bottom, but the fit looks pretty good for just sitting there and no sanding



Continue on to step 5

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