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Vietnam Ace Capt. Steve Ritchie and Friends

WW Decals 32-01

So what do you do when you want decals for a specific aircraft that aren’t made? Well if you are me you make them and then sell them. So here is the latest release from Werner's Wings. Vietnam Ace- Capt Steve Ritchie and Friends.
They are released as WW Decals 32-01 ($25).


Additional aircraft added for two Robin Olds F-4s.

The sheet features markings for 12 aircraft, however, one aircraft in particular F-4D 66-7463, has marking options for five different splitter plates with different kill markings and another one has two kill marking options. ALL the aircraft that Capt. Ritchie used to shoot down his five aircraft are included in all of their guises along with known loadouts.

Also included are MiG aces, Capt Feinstein and Capt DeBellevue, the leading ace of the war with six kills. Some other notable pilots included on the sheet are Col Chappie James, famous as part of Operation Bolo. Others MiG killers are included such as Capt Dan Cherry who was featured on the “Dogfights” series, “Hell over Hanoi”. We’ve also included some F-4s of a friend’s dad, Capt Steve Bricker. While he did not get any MiG kills he flew during Operation Linebacker I & II, we included one of his aircraft from Vietnam and one from England where he was trained to carry B-61 Nuclear Weapons. There are a few other MiG killers included to round out the sheet.

We’ve also included markings for the AN/ALQ-101(V)1 and AN/ALQ-71(V)2 SPECIAL ECM Pods. We have not included stencil markings as they are very good in the Academy/Eduard kit or are available from other aftermarket producers like Furball Aero Design.

You will note that some of the stars have white backgrounds and they aren’t centered. Well they are designed that way because the real ones were that way.

Artwork is done by Mason Doupnik, who has done all of the Werner’s Wings sheets. This sheet would not have been possible without the help of John Beaman and Jim Rotramel. John’s work “Smash Four, Smash Five”, which was updated by Jim, was the inspiration of this decal sheet.

1/72nd scale modelers have Thomas Lore to thank for the inclusion of this sheet. Without his financial contributions this particular sheet would not have been possible.

The decals themselves are printed by BOA so you know they are thin and in perfect register.

Opt 1 - Ritchie 1st kill, DeBellevue WSO

Opt 2 - Ritchie 2nd kill, Pettit WSO

Opt 3&4 - Ritchie 3 & 4 kills, DeBellevue WSO

Opt 5 - Ritchie 5th kill, DeBellevue WSO - have 3 options for the kill markings on this jet

Opt 6 - 463 again, but six kills now- McCoy & Brown - WSO got a MiG-21 in this jet on 15 Oct 72

Opt 7 - Bricker F-4E

Opt 8 - Bricker F-4D in Europe

Opt 9 - Mig Killer, Still researching the crew for this one.

Opt 10 - Baily and Feinstein got 2 MiGs in this A/C

Opt 11 - Chappie's jet

Opt 12 - Dan Cherry and Feinstein got a MiG kill in this one.

Opt 13 - F-4C Olds Jan 1967

Opt 14 - F-4C Olds May/Summer/Sept 1967 (three versions)



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