Hyperscale review

The Bell OH-58D. Innovative. Consistent. Unmatched. Offering unparalleled war-fighting capabilities, the Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior delivers the goods on the bad guys. Combat-proven world-wide, in long-range day and night target acquisition, this warrior-lookout claims...

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ARC Review 1/35 AH-1W exhausts Product # 35-07

OK after much work and delays I am proud to announce the release of the 1/35th AH-1W turned exhausts, set# 35-07. I'd like to publicly thank Randy Smith, Gino Quintiliani, and Chris Baretta for their help in making this conversion happen. All these gentlemen helped in...

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AH-1G/UH-1D Tail Rotor Blades

Having flown the AH-1F in Desert Storm and Bosnia, it has always been a favorite of mine. I’ve always wanted to do my aircraft. Now I can with the Werner’s Wings IPS and Debris Deflector set.

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